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The "Risky Business" Blog

Life Stages and Insurance

Life Stages and Insurance: Often time we are asked “how much insurance should I have?” There is not a simple answer to this question. Hopefully this document can provide guidance on what types of personal coverage to carry and which …Read More

Schools out for summer!

So… The kids are off of school. Lemonade and Popeicles. Bar B Que and Picnics! Maybe some summer camps too! New routines bring new risks.  Here are some great links for summer safety! Stay Safe and Have Fun! http://www.cdc.gov/family/kids/summer http://www.pbs.org/parents/summer/summer-safety-tips-for-kids/

Hurricane Season – Be Prepared

It has begun. Like a Game of Thrones warning… “Hurricanes are Coming.” It’s inevitable, you live in Florida… Just a matter of time.  It’s been 3,873 days (as of June 1st) since our last storm, Wilma, shook things up. Don’t …Read More

Additional Services Provided

Did you know that we also offer: 1. Tax Preparation 2. QuickBooks Set Up and Support 3. Payroll Support 4. Drug Free Program Implementation 5. HR Program Implementation and Manual Creation 6. Safety Program Implementation 7. Business Continuation Plan Creation …Read More

45 Years of Service

Hello, For over 45 years, my family has protected South Florida families as Independent Insurance Agents. For 3 generations we have been free to work for you, and are not beholden to any insurance carrier or brand. We know that …Read More

Turkey Fried Safety Tips

Frying a Turkey is a great eating. But its also one of the leading cause of property damage by fire that is 100% preventable. While risk avoidance (don’t fry the turkey) might be the best way to guarantee safety, we …Read More